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TAYNINH MECHANICAL COMPANY LIMITED was formed in October, 1976 specializing in producing mechanical products for agriculture and processing agricultural products. In 1990 the company started to make equipments for amusement districts, culture houses and resorts … By applying modern technology and technics on this, the company quickly became one of the national top manufacturers in this field. In 1995 the company was chosen as a person who can carry out the national programme of “AMUSEMENT DISTRICTS FOR VIETNAMES KIDS” by Vietnamese Kids Protecting & Caring Committee and The Central Hochiminh Communist Youths. Up to now, company’s products have been present at nearly 500/750 districts though out 64 cities and provinces of the country.

In 1996, the company produced things for enviroment – cities, using composite material, company’s products appeared in many cities and citys. 

In 1997, linking to the national top experts of road – bridge and computer, the company has found the best solution for countryside bridges in Mekong Delta. Company’s countryside bridge attended at most of Southern Provinces.  In the year of 2000, the company was selected to be a major builder for the national programme of “YOUTHS WITH NEW COUNTRYSIDE BRIDGE, INSTEAD OF FOOT-BRIDGE IN MEKONG DELTA”

In 2000 year, the company went on carrying out industrial and electrical construction and production lighting equipments, which is one of the strengths of the company. These products were supplied to many local constructing works and exported to Cambodia.  

From 2004, the company has got a good relationship with some American companies, exported mechanical products to American market in different types for different partners. Especially from 2006, the company has got a lot of regular purchasing orders to provide constructing tools made from steels and stainless steels for decorating and upgrading stores of Wal – Mart (America).

Located in the centre of Tay Ninh city in an area of 21,733.2m2, the company has over 500 well-trained and master workers working in the factory as well as at the worksites through out the country. This help us work actively, creatively and self-responsibly for work… Accompanying with modern system of machinery, the company did carry and are carrying out well many contracts, big works insea and oversea.


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